Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

I walked past the dining room french doors and yelled at DH to grab the camera...omg, what a beautiful bird. Funny thing is, the branches from our lone pear tree are on the right. Hmm, coincidence...maybe.

Yesterday it was 75 degrees, pic to the left shows the snow at 4:14 this afternoon. Weird.

Our tree is so pretty this year. Lots of chili pepper lights, hand made ornies from years of the kids in school, a black cowboy hat and pink flamingo adorn the top of the tree.

So DH and I did our Christmas decorating. Not very conventional but very cool! Why yes, that is a pink pre-lit tree on the porch, red chili pepper ristras hanging from the eaves and red chili pepper lights adorning the front of the house. After decorating this, snapping the pic, I added the ultimate...a 2' tall wire pink flamingo with it's left leg/foot and beak/head moving. I get very weird here.

It's just the DH and I, the kids visit and probably laugh like hell when they leave. Am I humiliated properly...ah, no, I just smile. When I leave this earth and my kids are still here, they will remember me when they see similar pepper lights or Christmas flamingos!

And Jesus smiles too. Happy birthday Jesus, thanks for visiting my humble but weird house.
And to all my world wide bloggy friends...I love you all bunches, have a beautiful Christmas, kiss your family, eat lots of fudge, kick back and relax.

Merry Christmas everyone...Elaine


  1. Merry Christmas Elaine, God bless you and your family, and your house looks cute with the ornaments!, glad you came back in bussiness, lol