Sunday, August 26, 2012

not much going on...

...just sewing a binding down on an auction quilt for my grandsons parochial school,  and dreaming. I can't help but laugh when I am deep into the process of a quilt.


I would pick up a vintage quilt at an antique shop or flea market and wonder what SHE was thinking while making this, I have no idea, but now I feel connected.


I guess we all have our dreams and secret thoughts.

I would have liked to drink a cup of tea with her.
I have liked to have traded a scrap or two so I could finish my quilt top.
In case you were wondering, this is the quilt my friend chose. She did however, wish to purchase the other quilt. They are off to the long arm lady to work her magic, can't wait to get them back. Have a great day, Elaine


  1. I love stitching binding down, I think it's my favourite part of the quilt...
    Have a lovely week, it's cold and windy here...hanging out for some summer warmth.. :o)

  2. Stitching and sitting and thinking. I wonder what she was thinking too all those years ago. I love to imagine people living in my very old house, lighting the fire on a cold night, sitting with a cup of tea in a sunny corner.