Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I messed up!

My friend at work was telling me a few months ago that she needed some "umph" in her bedroom, that maybe she needed to do "something" to make it more conducive to sleep. She works 3rd shift and needs to sleep during the day.
I volunteered to whip up a runner for her dresser. You know, 2 blocks wide, maybe 5 blocks long....

And like any good persistent quilter, it quickly went crazy on me and ended up growing into a king sized quilt top.....what was I thinking?

It was a lot of fun!
                                                                                              I love making this string type of quilt, such freedom! Then it had to have a border of zebras, oh, and a lime green border on that.

It's finished. The top.

   King sized.

Now, for the backing, I thought about doing a pieced back.

                                                                                   You know where this is going, right? It grew on it's own. I took them to my long armed magician and she told me it wouldn't work, it would become wavy and I should make them into 2 quilts.

         I asked my friend which she would like, the first one or the second one.

So, here's the deal. Tell me which quilt top she chose. I'll pick a winner on Friday and pop a surprise in the mail for you. It could be a layer cake or...?  Enter more then once. Just let me know your email in your entry so I don't have to dig around for it.                                                                            


  1. Oh my, oh my, I would choose the backing one because I think it's awesome and I think she will too...!
    No logic in the choice my Texan friend, I just love, love the colours and the jumping ladies...sigh, gorgeous!
    Hope you're staying well and happy...

  2. Wow Elaine, you have been very busy. so glad to see you blogging again!

    I really like the one you made for the backing. the original top is pretty too but that backing just pops out as the best one!

    PS. How is the graveyard quilt going...I am seriously thinking of making one too! LOL

    hugs from your Louisiana friend!

  3. I think she chose the original top. I love the strings and the borders. ~Jen

  4. She probably said she'd like them both! I know I would have. But in the end I think she chose the strings quilt, because of its symmetry and calming greens and blues, it seems like it would be more conducive to sleep. The backing quilt wants to go to Rio for the Mardi Gras!