Sunday, December 18, 2011

The coolest Christmas gift ever!

My friend, BeeBee, in Louisiana, sent me some really cute napkins~~
     She found the tutorial on sometime back. Very cute, very simple.

A green and red fabric circle.

It appears they are sewn right sides together, with a small slit, clipped, turned and pressed.

                                                                               They are pressed nicely, but, if you notice, there are pressing marks in the fabric. And the circle is folded with @ 1/2" of the red showing.                                                            

Now, can you see the fold marks in the circle? I so love short and sweet.



I plan on a few more of these dinner napkins. Wouldn't this make a great last minute gift?

Pop on over to BeeBee's blog and check out her new "babies." One takes electricity and the other makes you smile~~

Merry Christmas, Elaine

As a sidenote, I know not who came up with this pattern, but since it was on, I am going to assume it's public domain.


  1. These are great aren't they. I've had them unsewn as take home favours at guild Christmas dinners. One day I might get around to sewing them together.

  2. These were easy and fun to make. You can find just about anything on Youtube! I am so glad you like them. I hope to make more during the year to have as gifts next Christmas.

    I hope you had a great Christmas.