Monday, November 7, 2011

Well, we did it...!

but first, here is Helen's, my bff, Christmas quilt. It JUST came back from the quilters and doesn't have the binding on yet.

The next pic is a pic of a project we have tried, a Pioneer Braid. I am not crazy about it. But...we keep trying, lol.

Now, the coveted embroidery hoop.   Helen tells me that she has had this for years. I love it to pieces. I have searched the internet to no avail, no such hoop. I love it though. Check it out...         
 It has little sections on it with a stretcher wire under the beads. It appears to be made to accept a single piece of fabric, like a kitchen towel or pillowcase.                      

       Note to self:
Do not wear your mom jeans to Hooters!                                                                                  

And yes, we did go to lunch today...peel and eat shrimp...yummo. And I did get the T-shirt to remember our lunch date!                                                                           Our waitress was so darn cute. She was awesome. Next time...come along with us!        


  1. Oh yes, I'm coming next time... ;o) love the photo

  2. I want to go with you next time! I am so happy that ya'll had fun. Love the pictures.