Saturday, August 13, 2011

How are ya?

I started with good intentions to KNOW what I'm talking about, don't you? Be more in touch, stop being selectively mute. The earthfamily came over for dinner about 6 weeks ago, and while cutting up a chicken...I attempted to severe the index finger of my left hand. Since it was chicken and the knife was not to the doctor. A round of antibiotics, a fabulous lecture from the doctor about needing to suture the wound in a timely manner, and the hoped for Tetanous shot, I healed almost up.
    This is what happened when I pulled back, firmly embedded, in the burros grasp.  My right arm had been resting atop a chain link fence.                                                                                             

Again, the earthfamily, big daddy and I met up at an awesome Mexican restaurant for dinner. If you tried the Shrimp Fajitas there, you would drive 75 miles round trip too! I brought the usual tortillas home for the horses and Jenny the burro. I wasn't paying enough attention and Jenny nearly severed my index finger from my right hand. Not her fault, she just wanted to pluck that tortilla from my hand before the paint horse did! OMG, it hurt! I am still living with 2 index fingers, kinda sore and a wee bit of swelling, but I'll make it.

Do you see a pattern here? Either the earthfamily is dangerous or I am a danger to myself.

What are you ladies working on? I'm so ready to get back to sewing. Any new patterns or fabric lines you might want to share?

I need to get busy, but first sleep. Take care, Elaine


  1. Poor you...take up a safe pastime like sewing or something....

  2. OMG woman, you are determined to injure yourself aren't you...? I've missed you here in blog land, wish you lived round the corner...sigh.
    Take better care..

  3. Hi Elaine, I am so glad to see you are back online. Sorry to hear about your accidents! Well, I have always heard that things happen in 3s so I guess you are safe from injury for awhile now.
    Take care and be careful!

  4. OMG you sure have been in the wars Elaine. Now look after yourself,

  5. Ouch! Fingers are precious, I'd hate to have to re-learn how to quilt without my index fingers - take care!

  6. Elaine!!!! Oh my word girl, quit sticking your hands out!!!!!

    (((hugs))) heal well.