Monday, August 29, 2011

Auditioning fabrics

Off to Helen's house today, talking about fabric for our quilt. We are still looking for the
dark fabric in the star blocks. We are trying to stay as "true" to the original as possible, but it's very difficult. I'm hoping to find a chocolate with lines of half moons. I know it's really hard to see this particular fabric, but look closer. Have you seen any reproduction fabric like this?
Now the fencing around the perimeter is appliqued down and appears to me to be a solid chocolate, we have that, whoppee! My bff is going to use her machine to piece and I am not.
                                                                                        I am going to hand piece mine. Now, to draft it out this week...
I am very anxious to get started.

As a side note. I have had a few emails and comments about this quilt. So let me explain a bit. My bff is 83 years old and lives alone. She is tired and has made quilts all her life for her family. She wants to make a quilt just for her. I guess it's a way for her to memorialize her family, to remember them. I want to join her in making one because one day I'm going to be tired too. My hands are beginning to show signs of arthritis and I love to hand piece and hand quilt and want to do this before my ability to move my fingers is lost.  I want to make this quilt because it's a way for me to remember my family and for my kids to know who everyone was.

If you know who sells the chocolate fabric that we need, please let me know. Oh, and Helen says hi.


  1. I think it is great that you are making this with your bff. About how big is the quilt going to be?
    I would think it would be a wall hanging.
    I used to hand piece and hand quilt but I can no longer barely hold a needle now so I sew with my machine. I miss being able to hand quilt!

  2. Hi to Helen too, it's going to be a gorgeous quilt Elaine, sometimes you've just got to do it while you can...know that feeling well. Hope you're well my friend..

  3. I would suggest checking out the new Little Gatherings fabric line and also the Primitive Muslins fabrics. Both are by Moda. When looking at this quilt - both of these fabric lines come to mind! It's an interesting quilt and I love the colors! Good luck to you and Helen!

  4. Hi Helen.
    Just love the fabrics you have chosen for the special quilt. A wall hanging would be a lovely size.