Friday, May 20, 2011

Free shipping until 31 May

I think the part about getting old, that hurts the most, are my hand joints. It's kind of weird, I can still type, tie my shoes...but it's getting harder to quilt by hand or embroider. I'm struggling through some embroidery for a friend. It's a matter of finish it. I'm getting there, it's just not the fastest I wish I could go, but it'll do for now.                                                                      
My chooks are growing, getting feathers, learning from the mama chooks. I might have to slip a few "big girl" eggs under the little hens the next time they decide to nest, lol! Almost makes me wish I had a few duck eggs.         
The free shipping is going well, now is the time to splurge. I saved a young lady in Australia $40+ in shipping. Just type in:


in the coupon code box during your checkout. I do have 27 different Sherbet Pips fabrics available. Some of the bolts are becoming thin so don't procrastinate to long. Thank you for supporting my shop.

Now, back to my project...Elaine

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  1. Not just the hands, but the eyes too! I go slower and slower all the time. Cute chicks!