Monday, May 9, 2011

Free shipping for the week

I hope everyone had a memorable Mothers Day, I sure did. Earthmama made shrimp fettuccine for me. My son has been dabbling in making his own beer and we shared a glass of a rather stout home made beer. Then I shared my dinner with my grand daughter rounding out a perfect day....then came home forgetting my gorgeous tulips they had bought for me for Mothers Day!

Sometimes you just have to sleep where you can.

I haven't done any sewing lately, some handwork is all. It went from winter to spring and now it's summer here. We had to turn the ac on last night. I hope we get more rain but please Lord, don't let the Mississippi river flood Memphis!

Our last batch of bantam chicks turned out to be 5 hens and a rather colorful rooster. I think some critter ate 2 of the hens, so now we are down to 3 hens, 1 rooster. I never have the camera when I see them running around. They aren't too social.

Our little gray bantam chicken hatched 9 babies....3 of them resemble chipmunks and 6 black ones. They arrived here on Good Friday, but are all in the "nursery" with mom. I still haven't figured out how she can get them all under her!

I received several cases from Moda, o m goodness, and need to finish putting them in my etsy shop. If you read my can have free shipping until next Sunday! Just go to my etsy shop, make your selection and the type in:

in the coupon code box in the check out area! Be sure to tell your friends. I just received the full line of Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey, new charm packs of Hoopla, Modern Workshop. I also received jelly rolls, layer cakes and charms for the Wee Folks line, by Ingrid. What is it about those gnomes? Love em.

Don't forget the free shipping for the rest of the week!

Later, Elaine


  1. Is it international free-shipping? Can we get some discount?

  2. Pleased you had a lovely Mothers Day Elaine.
    Your granddaughter is a real cutie.
    Nice to read your post again.
    Will pop over to your etsy shop and have a peek.

  3. Good to see you posting again. Mother's Day was nice here too.
    My husband and son have been brewing beer for a couple of years. DH gets most of his supplies from, a place in Austin.
    I am going to go over to your etsy shop now to see what you have added.

  4. So glad you're back, I've missed you on blogger.

  5. Aw look at that sweet little baby - too cute! How in the world could you forget your tulips, lol. Must have been distracted by the little cutie.