Saturday, January 22, 2011

Now I'm irritated

Ya'll know I have an etsy shop, I'm sure I bore you to tears with that. Anyhoo, I have been selling out of it, online, for a while now. I have met some really nice ladies, all over the world. I have enjoyed it alot. What irritates me is my post office....ah hell, the whole postal system irritates me today. And I'll be sharing that little tidbit with you now.

You ever check out the fabric sales/shops on etsy, ebay or otherwise? You ever look at the postal prices? Quite a few will even admit, or better yet, proclaim to fit up to 8 yards in a flat rate envelope. Yeah, me too. Remember the postal commercial....IF IT FITS, IT SHIPS!

Well, I have received alot of those envelopes myself....and love it! I can't believe I can receive that much in an envelope! My little neighboring town has a post office and I would much rather go there. Nicer people, for real.

When I sell online, I found I can also print my postage online, if it's flat rate. What a more having the little man run to the post office everyday. Just pop that envelope in an egg basket and hang it off the mail box and the carrier picks it up.....right?

I sold 4 yards of fabric to a nice lady in the US and popped it into a flat rate and told the hubs to pop it out for me. He did. 2 days later, I receive the same envelope back, all beat to hell, with the paper label written on $4.40 owed. We looked at it a few hours and the hubs decided that would be the exact cost of a medium flat rate box, added to my already paid for label. Now, you might ask yourself, where is my happy face? Gone. So, like any sane person, I opened the package and popped it into another envelope and mailed it ANYWHERE BUT MY POST OFFICE WHERE THE CLERKS ARE CONSTIPATED!!!! Then I went back to Paypal, where I am now out the $4.75 postage, and applied for a refund on the computer generated stamp.

This is where the good part starts: It will take up to 15 days for a postal refund. Wow. So 2 days later, I get an email from Paypal....guess what? It appears that I mailed a priority flat rate to that address and they will not refund my postage. You see, when you computer generate a stamp and you're cheap like me, you print it out on a regular piece of paper, cut it down and tape it on the package. This stamp has a did the NEW stamp the hubs paid for. Hmm, I guess the post office machines don't know how to read bar codes.

So, my question is: does the post office REALLY know what they are doing?


  1. The prices at my local post office are usually cheaper than the prices at the post office in Whitehorse. I can't figure that out...

  2. I am lucky, my local post office is great! They are big supporters of "if it fits, it ships" and they don't give me a hard time about fabric postcards either. The online post office service drives me insane. No one can explain to me why you can't get flat rate envelope international shipping labels online. I hate it.

  3. Definitely not by the sound of it.... :o)

  4. Oh man - what are they doing??! No wonder they're in such a mess financially.

  5. Going Postal??! Doesn't sound like much fun. Hope you're finding enough time to quilt between working and your shop and dealing with constipated posties!

  6. From personal experience .... ABSOLUTELY NOT !!! Never have!!!