Monday, April 12, 2010

Season for chooks

My neighbor down the road decided to try her hand at incubating eggs. She did good...I bought 25 of the little dickens! Pic to follow tomorrow, gotta go tuck them in for the night, cheep, cheep....Elaine


  1. Peep, peep...can't wait to see photos of your new two legged children. I hope they don't keep you up all night! 25 is a lot of little ones!


  2. LOL - have fun with your new babies!

  3. Aren't little chickies cute. We had some one spring when my kids were little ... it was fun. They ended up on somebody's farm.

    Are you going to put your butterfly quilt kit for sale at Etsy?

  4. Oh boy, new babies. We hope to have chickens when we move out to our land in a few years.