Sunday, April 25, 2010

Next time I'll listen to the routine tornado watch warning!

We went on a "routine" tornado watch Friday until 0200. At 0210, we both woke up to the most terrifying noises imaginable, the worst storm in our lives....I grabbed both chihauhau's and headed for the hallway and told the spousal unit I was waiting out the tornado with my babies. We didn't really think one hit our area but the wind was unreal, trees broken all over the place and our power went down until this morning at 0805. My poor chickens actually did very well until tonight. Something got into their trailer house and  2 of them are not there. What the heck? No feathers anywhere, just 2 lovely chooks missing! See the water dispenser on the right....I had filled it @1 hour prior to checking on them again and it was empty...hmm.
Also, the greater percentage of the kids were on top of the chicken wire trying to get back in....I personally think one of our dogs....the geriatric morbidly obese shephard ate them. It gives me motive to get them to the chook house tomorrow! I have a couple things to do to it and it's done.

Oh..our computer fried too.  You gotta love the storms. Our power company is a co-op, and they try really hard to keep things working for us. I don't know if the co-ops are a stateside thing or not.

The coyotes are howling now...hmm, wonder if they like chicken? Little brats.

Oh, the half a beef in the freezer...among other things...I told the spousal unit to LEAVE THE DOOR SHUT AND HIT THE RESET BUTTON. He actually took some steaks out for dinner with the kids and there really wasn't a problem, most of the stuff was still really froze. Thank you God.

We ate out yesterday at a fast food and had an opportunity to see some of the damage. It made me realize how petty our problems were. I was hoping a small humbling experience would ensue, but nope, I had a full blown attack of the guilts. We  were without power for a day and a half....but it came back on. We had semi-frozen food...but we had food. Since I am a quilter...we had blankets.

No more whining for me, I'll just appreciate my new computer, my 23 feathery new friends and I better keep a better eye on my shephard! Now, I am going to do some handwork and watch Avatar...a little something I was surprised with a few minutes ago...I can't wait...thank you God for my beautiful day rocking the earthbaby...Elaine                                                            



  1. Egads I'm so so glad you're ok - after seeing all the devastation on tv, especially. Hope you figure out what's eating your chooks! Earth baby is SO SWEET!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG!! Elaine how scary ! I am just glad you and your family are OK. My SIL lives in an area with lots of tornados and they terrify her! Never been in or near one, but your description of everything was quite vivid. Love your Earthbaby! ... ADORABLE !! ... how old ?

  3. How frightening Elaine, so, so glad that you are all ok!! Your earthbaby is certainly the best part of the weekend I'd say, she is so adorable. Stay safe and have a good week......

  4. Yikes! Scary - glad we don't get tornados in NZ. Hope you find out who's eating your wee chicks, aren't they adorable at that age? What breeds have you got? And what a cute pic of the Earthbaby...awwwww.

    Ooo, and I love the quilt you just finished. Wow! You can quilt like a demon, wanna come finish some of mine?!

  5. We only lost a single branch in that storm, but the house up the street had a tree dropped on it (but it only smashed the awning over the porch). We were out of electricity for 32 hours... difficult hours for us academics who love our computers and coffee. But good thing was an inch of rain!