Friday, July 31, 2009

Mr.Froggy...I love you!

I finally finished the frogs...can you see the great lily pad fabric I found in my shop...totally perfect for the border...did I mention that before, lol.

So I took a deep breath, pin basted Mr.Froggy quilt with my favorite batting, cotton request and a green mottled fabric and started cross hatch quilting. I hated it. It was awful!

Reason 1: ahhh, hello, did it ever occur to me to use a really cool GREEN or varigated?

Reason 2: did I really have multi seizures during the sewing?

Reason 3: oh I know...always start with something smaller and work up to something bigger...especially if it has appliques!

No worries, Liam will love his froggy buddy blankie and that is really the important factor. I did learn alot while quilting this. I actually was amazed at how quickly it went. I am not sure I would do cross hatch quilting on a piece with appliques again...ever!

Will I ever machine quilt again...oh you betcha! I have a really big pile of tops begging to be quilted. I will do a bunch of little pieces first to try and get comfortable with the technique before I do another biggie.

I do love the crinkly look and comfy feel of amazed me how wonderful it was.

Off to bed with me, now go quilt something, Elaine