Friday, September 7, 2012

The girls

The earth family came to visit over the labor day weekend. This is the original earthbaby "riding" Billy the Kid, our stud horse. She even has the proper head gear on. He has never been broke to ride so daddy and peepaw assisted her.

 Ok, I'm famished now, by peepaw, by Billy and daddy. I'm going to see what grams has for me.

Love watching this baby eat watermelon! I think it's a timeline for Alex, eating the melon! Next year will be both happy girls mooshing down melon!

     This our latest addition to earthfamily. Alex's little sister, Tatiana, who always looks like the happiest baby in the world.                                                                            
                                                                                  Alex and Tatiana had a great time, so did the grands! What did you do for Labor Day?


***update: on the last giveaway winner, Jen, who was on vacation, wrote to say she was home and was it too late, nah, never! She has sewn for 20 years but has no stash...yet. Congrats Jen, we'll hope to see some quilty pics from you soon.***



  1. OMGosh, I remember Alex when she was just born, how quickly that time has gone....such seriously cute babies you have there my friend :o)

  2. Love Alex's head gear.... Tatinana does have a beautiful big smile..

  3. beautiful babies!
    soooooo cute!