Saturday, June 2, 2012

My mini Moda bolts

It all started when I had small amounts, less then 5 yards, of Aneela Hoey Little Apples left, limited room to store them. I cut the cardboard bolt holders in half, folded the fabric, and rewound it! Just stinkin cute!

                                                                                 Same width as a big bolt, just folded, fun, fun! They are in my shop for $7.99 a yard, good sale, stock while you can.


  1. Great storage tip for yardage.

  2. haha, we do the same thing in the shop here, they're our 'end of bolt' sale..!
    hope you're feeling better my Texan friend...

  3. - Just found your Pinterest site. Isn't it fun! My 16 yr old gr-dgtr says it is just another time waster online ... but I do not care... especially at 2 a.m. when I cannot sleep.
    - Great space saving idea. I store my yardage on bolts .... this makes me want to undo it all and do your idea instead. But alas too much work!!