Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

When I was growing up, as a little girl, I have little memories that peek through, MY visions from the past. I have memories from my early years, of going to the cemetery to put flowers on graves. Where I grew up, in the Pacific Northwest, we took local flowers, fresh cut from the garden, put into a coffee can, wrapped in aluminum foil and placed on the floor of the car between my feet. Then off we went to find the disrespectfully running through the cemetery, to find the Great-Grandparents, cousins, uncles and my sister. Grandma would take over the flower "vase" and walk to the graves. She would pull weeds, whack stubborn grass and make things nice. She didn't talk much during these poignant moments, paying respect and grieving her way silently. I would love to hear her stores on the way home.  Slowly grandma would drive through the cemetery, out of respect for those left there, and go back home. Off to the one side were the little American Flags for our veterans. We have a small cemetery about 2 city blocks near our house and is decorated nicely for this day of Remembrance.

I also popped, literally, a pork roast in the oven. I should never watch Pioneer Woman on the food network! pop pulled pork roast with a can of Chipolte peppers in adobo sauce, 2 cans of Dr.Pepper, brown sugar....oh my. Cole slaw with green and red cabbage and fresh cilantro, topped off with home made au gratin potatoes. I wished you could be here for dinner...

               What kind of Memorial Day memories do you have?                                                               

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  1. great to see you posting again!

    Memorial Day is a special day that all Americans should observe.
    I visited Normandy, France a few years ago. Standing in that cemetery was a very moving experience. In all directions for as far as you could see there were white crosses with our American boys who gave their lives to help make our world a safe place. Each cross had the name and state of each one. I cried as I walked through all those crosses. I thought about all the families of most of the men buried there that never got to see their head stones. Such a great sacrifice that everyone needs to remember!
    God Bless America and those that keep it free!