Friday, October 21, 2011

In between living....I love to quilt

Have you guys seen this quilt pattern? It's from Lori Holt at Bee in my Bonnet.

My bff, Helen, had a nice collection of paper dolls from when she was a little girl...Gloria Swanson, Shirley Temple, and many more girls of that bygone era. Her daughters are trying to help her downsize and one of them sold her dolls. I don't think she realized how she would grieve for them, but she is. She mentions them often.

She doesn't realize it, but I am making this quilt for her. But it is now Helen and Elaine, go figure! I have started in the center...

    I found the most awesome gray for the scissor it.                                                                     

I get to tackle the dolls next, wish me luck.

Have a great weekend...


  1. That's so cute and she'll love it, you're such a good friend...

  2. You're going to have so much fun playing with those dolls. don't forget to keep us posted on the quilt.

  3. That is one cute quilt! A lot of work I imagine.

  4. What a gorgeous quilt. Hope you keep us posted of your progress.

  5. this is going to be a happy quilt. Please post pictures as you go along! You are such a great friend!