Monday, September 5, 2011

We found some fabric!

Today was quilting with my bff day. I started talking about finding the "right" fabrics for our quilts when she said, "I don't think the ladies back then (1843) went to quilt shops to buy their fabrics. Didn't they 'make do'?" Ahhh, yes they did! I can be so dense sometimes. So off to her sewing room to find her browns, tans and off whites. Then I came home and found mine. Isn't it interesting how you take pics, look at them and then find the 'wrong' colors and shades? I see several that just have to go.

Hmm, a bit better. But I think there are 2 more to go, to pumpkiny, don't you think? We did decide to try to stay with the chocolates, light brown and unbleached muslins.
So, what do you think so far? My bff is happy and I think I am too! Now back to packing. It's time to wing off to my sisters' house in a few days. I fully intend to eat my weight in shrimp and Alaskan salmon...and I do weigh alot!

I'm still working on that blogger issue. Wish me luck on that one!


  1. good selection of fabrics. It will be a very nice quilt.
    Have fun on your trip..have some salmon for me!
    I love fresh salmon!

  2. Great fabrics you have chosen.
    Oh I love salmon but you can keep the shrimp.

  3. Great fabric choices ... very "olde" look. Is the green staying?