Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling Goat goings on

1) Mail my heart blocks to Shirley.

2) Calm Gordon down and get him in the envelope to mail to Kentucky tomorrow.

Gordon has been going to work with me the past few days. He is downright giddy! Ah, the history of Texas he has learned today! I only hope that he retains a wee bit to share with his mum!

I have been an awful procrastinating blogger this past few months...hope ya'll forgive me! I FINALLY went back to work last week and my life has been "interesting" for a bit now. I hope to get into the swing of things soon.

Remember, Sherbet Pips is coming...any day now!! Sweeeeeeettttt!!!!!


  1. Glad to see you post - been missing you girl!

  2. Hope all is well..I went on a little blog break. Have a great day, Kim

  3. Gordon is on his way to me!!! I have been looking out the window for him for days. I keep expecting to see him struggle up the driveway like a civil war soldier at the end of the war. I can't wait to see him!
    Glad to have you posting again, my friend!

  4. Gordon can handle it. He's tough 'cos he's an Aussie!

  5. Any pips, yet? I' d love to use some for my january bee blocks! Getting so excited!